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Wow peach tea is about the best beverage there is!


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Well Bangladesh was awesome! I don’t really have time to post a long spiel on here so I’ll just slap some pics up.

Awesome friends I made!

The children were just the greatest! Alot of them were teachers 🙂 to me of course trying to learn Bangla!

Diggin post holes

Setting posts!

Putting the trusses on!

Me doing what I loved best!  I did do some work, ok!!

Alot of memories!  Ones I’ll never forget thats for sure!

Koda Haphes! and Abar daeka hobe!  (Muslim goodbye)   and  (See you again)


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March 30, 2008 at 12:44 am

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Well Delores and I went up to Pa for a Valentine’s Banquet last Saturday. Arrived at Shady and we’re picked up in a limo along with her bro. and some other friends to be taken to the church.  The ride over was prettymuch that of a taxi in New York City swervin this way and that, stopping and going, blowin the horn and being reckless! It was quite the ride!  The Limo didn’t have any seats in it for one thing just a wood floor that was built up from the floor a little.  Evidently it was a dog transport lol!  So we prettymuch sliding all around with just a sleeping bag for comfort and even that didn’t stay underneath me heheh.  And Pa roads plus driving like a maniac doesn’t help!  It was alot of fun though anyways.

I was thinking if this trip was worth it to drive 4 hours to Pa and back Saturday night just for dinner and then having to lead songs at church the next day.  I thought, “Ya definitely. For one thing, get to be with that special someone, love drivin her around, 🙂 and good food!”

Duane, Sean, and Melissa trying to sit as comfortable as possible on hardwood heheh.

Inspector Sean

Shelly and Delores just snapping away!

The Limo crew :)…Didn’t really get pics of the banquet cause the food was to good and didn’t have time lol


Oh yeah of course…My wonderful Date and I! 😉

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February 23, 2008 at 6:17 pm

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Love you Mel! Prayin!

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February 4, 2008 at 11:00 pm

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Are you hungry? I AM!

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Hey!? Does anyone wanna run out to royal farms or Giacomo’s and get me a cheesteak? Much appreciated!! Starvin right now…Feel sick to like I just don’t have any strength, and I think I have some kinda headache too! Ugh!! BRENY’s BEEN SICK TO LONG…NOW I PROBABLY GOT WHAT HE HAS!!! I would be at the hospital right now visiting 2 very special girls…one would be my cousin Melanie…she’s such a sweetie pie!!! Kinda snippy at times lol, not really she’s great!!! Love you Mel! And Lauren who just had a birthday, oh and can’t forget Joelle to she had a birthday too earlier this month heheh! Oh wait there’s three girls that are special, was not about to forget Delores!! 🙂 So she went with my family to the hospital, and I have to stay home isn’t that a bummer!! Oh well that’s what they make cell phones and the internet for! Can’t forget bubbly Janna as well, always wanting a hug! Then there’s Cameron, who’s the only guy in the family that sometimes thinks he’s too crowded by sisters lol, maybe not! He’s great! Marty and Lori just keep pluggin away everyday, and I just appreciate their interest in each one of there children’s lives! May God give you the grace and strength that you need. He’s got a plan! Continue to have faith, God’s arms are open…and be comforted by the fact that there are a lot of people standing by ready to assist you in any way! Don’t know how this post turned out like this I thought I was hungry!! So without further inquiry, “MOM, WHAT CAN I EAT IN THE KITCHEN?!!”

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January 24, 2008 at 1:36 am

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Well got a chance to go deer hunting Monday night and just smoked a big doe!! Wow love that feeling! Got it in the cooler now sitting in salt water. A bunch of does came out to the field 30 min. before dark at about 60 yds…I’d say about 11 of them with four big does in the herd. They all went out 90 yds or more, so I decided to take a shot at one of the biggest doe! Pow!! Deer jumped up pretty high and they all ran in the woods. Kaige was along so we waited until dark and then got down and started looking for blood. Found no blood or hair…always hard to tell where it was standing out in the field. Got to the woods where i thought it went in at and still nothing…Meanwhile Kaige was out in the field still looking…so then i went to a tractor trail where they all came out and walked down it about 20 yds in then I walked left off the trail hoping to run into the deer’s trail. Sure enough! First blood, and trailing it was no problem!! Yes! The Doe piled up at about 70 yds from where I shot it!

The hole if you can see it is low shoulder right at the heart! The bullet didn’t even exit.

Delores took this picture 🙂 isn’t she sweet! ^^^

I was surprised when i gutted this deer and noticed i got some of the heart even wow! What a shot at 90 yds! Not that I’m braggin or anything. It’s my gun…that single shot New England firearm with my Bushnell Banner dusk to dawn scope is amazing wow! Best shotgun ever! It’s a heavy beast though!

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January 22, 2008 at 8:40 pm

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Sorry I don’t update alot…I guess to me its just a waste of time, or I just don’t feel like it. Maybe I got better things to do like sell stuff on ebay to try to make a little bit of money for this Bangladesh trip coming up in March. Oh you havn’t heard?! A group of us from church are plannin on going to help rebuild after that cyclone messed everything up. I’m really looking forward to it, never been in a third world country so should be quite the experience. If any of you would like to contribute I’m open for donations heheh! The money thing was holding me back for a little bit, but I decided if God wants me to go He’ll provide. I was going to go to Mississippi at the end of January for more cleanup there, but I think I need to try to get all the work hours in that I can for Bangladesh. I’d love to do both, but everwhat. Seems like God has some plan for me within the coming months so I just want to be open to it! Hopefully everything will come together. Dating life continues to be great and keeps getting better! God is pretty amazing!

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January 8, 2008 at 3:16 am

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Merry New Year and a Happy Christmas!

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Kind of a quick post but I can edit it later I guess. Had a great time with the Kilmer family over Christmas time! A few pics.


A game of Dice.


Autumn, Callie, Emily, Riley, Yakira, Cynthia, and Cambria.

Singing Christmas songs on Christmas Eve!

Riley and Dave.

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December 26, 2007 at 11:06 pm

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